Vendetta Strength and Athletics is a family owned and operated small business comprised of a husband (Britton), wife (Kaila), and two baby boys (Brodie and Cooper).

We both still work our regular full time day jobs and started this passion project out of our humble little 200 square foot home gym after realizing that a lot of existing equipment fell short of meeting the unique needs of our home gym.

Britton holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a passion for design and fabrication. He realized his skills and knowledge in machine design, robotics, tooling, automation, fabrication, and manufacturing could help bring innovation to the fitness industry.



We personally assemble and ship every part with the utmost pride and care from our small garage workshop, even during nap time.

We also personally respond to every email, message, and comment we receive.

We emphasize “Made in the USA” manufacturing as much as possible by utilizing and supporting several local manufacturing businesses that employ hard working Americans to bring you the highest quality possible.



Create and provide innovative products that are either entirely new or adapt/improve upon the short-falls of existing equipment so we can all optimize and get the absolute most out of our humble home gyms.


Serving and supporting the home gym and fitness community by creating unique and innovative equipment that enable all of us to improve our workouts, health, and quality of life.


Above all we strive to consistently design and build truly high quality gym equipment with an emphasis on incorporating multi-purpose functionality while also providing excellent customer service to support the community we know and love. 


All products are built upon order as we currently do not have the capacity to continually stock inventory.

By all means, we personally promise to complete your order as quickly as possible. If a financial hardship situation arises that requires you to cancel then we will gladly issue you a full refund. 

So while our prices may not be the cheapest and our profit margins are definitely smaller than bigger companies, you can 100% rest assured that your hard earned dollars are being well spent on high quality products.

You can also rest assured that I have personally double checked each part for quality to meet or exceed my high engineering standards, pride, and workmanship. If I wouldn’t be satisfied receiving it, then it doesn’t ship. Whether its an imperfect washer, weld, or mildly defective part, I do my best to ensure everything thing I ship is the same level of quality I would want to receive. 

We are incredibly grateful and blessed for every single order we receive as it supports our growing family, inches us closer to growing our business, and hopefully expanding our team in the coming years.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly for any questions, help, or product inquiries via the contact page.

We are open to exploring licensing and collaborations as well!


Thank you for you loyalty and support, it means the world to me and my family!


God Bless!



Britton, Kaila, Brodie, and Cooper