We currently build all our products made to order and order the individual parts on a regular batch system. We do this because our local CNC laser cutting, machining, and powder coating partners prefer large batch orders.

However, by doing this it also allows us to decrease our costs to you substantially vs. if we only did single part runs or small orders. We don't outsource our manufacturing overseas and our goal is to eventually grow so we can move everything in house and shorten these timelines while also creating jobs for hard working Americans.

What this means is that everything is made to order and with any where between an 8-12 week lead time unless we happen to have extra stock on hand.

We still process and ship in the order in which they are received, then we bundle those orders bi-weekly and/or monthly so we can do a single large batch production run where we buy, build, and ship everything in batches.

This maximizes focus, efficiency, and productivity. Our goal is always to ship orders as quickly as possible. However, factors outside of our control can sometimes cause delays. Our orders will typically take between 6-10 weeks to build and ship from the date they are received depending on backorders quantities and our manufacturing partners delivery times  

We package and ship everything in house. Meaning we wrap, tape, bag, and box as best we can to ensure the product you worked hard to pay for arrives in the best possible condition. With that said, we unfortunately can not control how it is handled once we ship it, so boxes can and do become damaged sometimes. However, if you are missing any pieces when you receive your order then immediately let us know and we'll make it right.

If anything is severely damaged, bent, or broken then immediately let us know. Unfortunately paint scuffs, nicks, and scratches can happen. We kindly ask that you let us know first and not be a Karen by immediately posting about these unfortunate occurrences since we promise it do not leave our hands like that. We will do our best to make situations like this right by you. 

For questions or concerns please use the form on the Contact Us page and we will respond within no more than 24-48 hours depending on current workload. 

Thank you!